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What do our members think of Berkshire Credit Union?

Member A:

I have money paid to the credit union each month from my salary and via standing order from my bank for savings and repayment of a loan. Paying the money in is easy, getting it out is easy and my loan application and pay out was easy too. I have recommended my Credit Union to friends and colleagues. I can easily access my account online which I like, because thats how I monitor all my banking and bills.

Member B:

Berkshire Credit Union have been a great help to me since I joined as a member. They provided me with financial help and support at a time when I had nowhere else to turn to and wanted to break the cycle of payday loans. The team were very helpful and didn't judge me or the situation I was in at all. Once approved, the money was paid out the same day. Since I have been a member, I have applied for a couple of top-ups to my initial loan and each time Berkshire Credit Union have provided the assistance I required and very quickly. The monthly repayments are manageable and knowing that I am saving a bit as well as I go is a bonus as I know I will have this money available in future once my loan is paid in full.

Member C:

Many thanks for all your help over the years, I know I messed up at the beginning but I got there in the end with your help! I think youre all wonderful and am happy to carry on saving and helping you help others.

Member D:

I have used Berkshire Credit Union on several occasions for loans and find the volunteers and staff very helpful and the service is very good. Once the agreement has been signed the funds are very quickly put into your account.

Member E:

I have been a member of Berkshire Credit Union for 5 years and find it a great way to save and borrow; you don't have to be a big saver just a regular one. I use it for saving and borrowing for family holidays. One of the great things is when you borrow you do so against your shares (savings), so the money you have saved never goes down, only up.

Member F:

I cannot speak highly enough of Berkshire Credit Union. All clients are a name and not a number. My agents are so approachable and always give excellent advice. It is always a pleasure to see them. I wish the company all the best and long may they last.

Member G:

Joining Berkshire Credit Union was the best thing I ever did - it changed my life. I was struggling to pay high interest loans so refinanced with a loan from the credit union. My loan is now reducing but I will continue to save with BCU even after it is paid off.

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Berkshire Credit Union is the trading name of Community Savings & Loans (Berkshire Credit Union) Ltd Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Autority - Firm no 457045